Chalene Johnson Piyo Review: Yoga and Pilates Moves?

Do you want to lose about 24 pounds within just 60 days? Of course, who among the women in the world who wish to lose weight would not want that! Well, if you do really want to, then I have one recommendation to make to you. Try out the Chalene Johnson’s Piyo program! If I lost 24 pounds with it in just 60 days, then it is likely that you would too! Find out why and how in this Chalene Johnson Piyo review!

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Chalene Johnson Piyo Review: What is the Program All About?

PiYo is considered as among the world’s latest workout program. It is created by Chalen Johnson, a celebrity trainer. Basically, PiYo is a hybrid of Pilates and Yoga. As a program, it is designed to help users to not just burn fat, but enable this quickly. As it works to burn your fat, it also starts boosting your muscle tone and increasing your strength. Within just a short while, you will find yourself dropping your pant sizes quickly.

If you’ve made some research about the program, you will find that many have described it as yoga’s hyper version, which is true. It is likely that the workouts you’ve encountered are focused on form, power moves and getting your heart-rate up. But unlike those programs, PiYo is focused on your balance, breathing, meditation and relaxation along with your strength and form. As a benefit, I was able to train without worrying about getting injured while taking your fitness to the next level.

Chalene also made sure that everything about the program will be interesting and motivating to users. In this Chalene Johnson Piyo review, this assurance is not only met concerning the moves you will have to engage in. It also covers the music you will have to listen to while working out. You’ve probably tried doing yoga and end up unmotivated due to the dreadful music. You won’t experience that with PiYo for it is completed with great music tracks.

Chalene Johnson Piyo Review: The Included Workouts

The program comes in three different packages. But whatever package is chosen, you will have access to 8 different workouts. The first one is the Align and takes about 40 minutes to complete. This is a fundamental part of the program that lets users understand the right form required in order to perform all the moves in the program. Second is the Define for the Lower Body, and it takes 25 minutes to complete. The workout focuses on the buttocks, calves and thighs, and it works all muscles in the lower extremities, including the quad muscles and hamstrings to achieve long and lean legs.

Third is Define for the Upper Body which takes 35 minutes to complete. This workout is the answer if you want to stop your arms from flapping. It works by reshaping the arms through focusing the moves on your triceps, biceps and shoulders. Fourth is the Sweat, a workout that can be completed in only 35 minutes. It is one of the fast-paced workouts focused on working the muscles in the body. Other workouts included in the program are Sculpt – 30mins, Core – 30mins, Strength Intervals – 25mins and Drench – 45mins.

Other than the music tracks, it comes with an included Quick Start Guide, Workout Calendar and other essential items that you will need to get the best out of the program.

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