Does Insanity Workout Work and Does the Pain All Worth It?

As the name suggest, Insanity workout does put your body to a real insane stress and grueling hard work. Within 60 days, you will have to undergo intense training that can actually leave you drained worn out if you are not careful and if you don’t follow the instructions. Yes, this workout is so intense it is even a challenge to seasoned athletes.

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It’s true that Insanity workout is intense but the way that it works really does provide positive results in toning the muscles and achieving the sculpted body that we all desire. The workout works by bringing the heart rate to its maximum, keep it there for a little while and then slow it down through a 30 second break. The exercises take so long and you can only get so short of a break.

The way that the exercise itself works is very effective in burning excess fats. The secret is by raising the heart’s rate and keeping it there for a while which effectively burns fat. Although the exercises are so intense and takes quite a long time, still you can get a short] break. So short a break that can actually add intensity to the already grueling workout.

The Good and the Bad

The intense workout that Insanity is brings a lot of benefits for achieving the toned and sculpted body that we want so much to achieve. The exercises that come with this workout just make it so that your muscles are strengthened with using your own body’s weight. What it even more good with Insanity workout is that it is very versatile and quite diverse. Insanity workout simply works your whole body from head to toe.

But as I mentioned before, it is very much an intense program wherein you get only so little break in between of the exercises. On the other hand, despite its intensity it really does provide the results that you want to achieve. The workout also comes with nutrition guide so that you know what kind of foods you need to eat to replenish and fuel your body. Moreover, the Insanity workout can get so insane that it is not for the faint of heart.

Does it really Work Out?

Insanity workout does really work but you have to be committed to doing the exercises within 60 days. Every day you will have to work the scheduled exercise without fail. If you really want to lose that extra baggage of fat and decrease the chest, waist and hip, you have to commit to what you are doing. Another important thing that has to be followed for this workout to really workout and for you to achieve the result you want is to follow the diet that comes with it.

Workout does not work itself and just like every other weight loss plan, a careful diet has to be followed and so does in Insanity workout. To achieve its promising result and don’t leave yourself burn out after intense training, then you will have to follow the instruction that comes with it. This way, there is no way that you can’t achieve a promising result as everybody else.

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