How to Lose Weight Without Exercising

Before anything else, it’s worth mentioning that the best way to lose weight is through both dieting and exercising. Not only does this strengthen the body, but it also challenges the muscles and the heart, and builds endurance. However, if you are one of those people who have no free time whatsoever, or you have a disability, then this article is for you.

1. Drink a glass of water 15 minutes before a meal.

Think of your stomach as an empty bowl. When that bowl is empty, it shakes (hunger pains). When there’s something in it, it is still. You can trick your stomach into thinking that there’s food in it, but actually it’s just water. So the logic is that a few ounces of water in that bowl takes up part of the space already, leaving less space for food. Less food means fewer calories!

2. Eat smaller meals more often.

Six small meals are better than three large meals. This is because eating more often stimulates digestion and speeds up the metabolism. By constantly supplying the body with food, the digestive system gets used to constantly breaking down food. The rate of metabolism also increases as a result of this.

3. Don’t skip meals.

This is related to number 2. When you skip meals, you actually starve your body of the nutrition it needs. There are no carbs and protein to feed the internal organs, so the body literally eats itself, the muscles especially. Now, you may think that this is what you are trying to achieve, but in actuality that is only half of what is going on. The other half consists of your body hoarding on food, when you do eat. So if you starve yourself for 24 hours and eat the next day, your body will slow the rate of digestion in order to conserve that food. Not to mention, when you skip meals, you will most likely give in and binge on your next meal. Not good.

4. If you feel hungry, drink a glass of water first.

Hunger pains are because of two things: hunger and thirst. That unpleasant feeling in your tummy could be gone after a drink of water, so instead of heading straight to the pantry, head to the water dispenser instead and drink a glass of water. Wait a few minutes after drinking. If the pains go away, then your body was merely thirsty, but if they persist, then feel free to get a healthy snack to curb the hunger.

5. Eat whole-wheat grains.

Are you fond of rice or white bread? How about pasta? You don’t have to give up these lovely carbs just because you are on a diet. Simply switch to the whole-wheat alternatives available in almost any supermarket. They are heavier on the stomach so you are left feeling full longer.

These are but a few tips to help you lose weight if you are pressed for time. Results vary from person to person, and it is still best to have an effective exercise program alongside your diet plan. Consult your doctor before making any major lifestyle changes, as you could be allergic to some food alternatives.

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  2. To lose weight without exercising, you need to apply the right ways. One of the best things you can do to lose weight without exercising is eating a healthy diet.

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