A Quick Glimpse at Les Mills Combat Schedule

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Les Mills Combat is one of the most comprehensive and effective home exercise programs which are based from intense aerobic and martial arts training. It is primarily based on a body combat gym class that proves to burn too much calorie of our body with grueling workout sets of moves. This is comprised of mixed moves of martial arts with explosive plyometric and interval trainings which make it one of the most intense workouts in the market today. Les Mills Combat is good for sixty days and it claims to carve your body towards obtaining chiseled physique and lean body most of us are aiming for. This features moves from seven different blends and disciplines of martial arts towards an explosive calorie burning workout.

What is Included in the Les Mills Combat Program?

Les Mills Combat has its kit that includes seven kinds of workouts in five DVDs. It even includes a free extra workout that is titled Les Mills Combat 30: with a love, fitness guide, tape measure, nutrition guide and measurement tracker for the best online support program 24/7. It also comes with a money back guarantee for sixty days which manifest that if we are not satisfied with the result that this workout program offers, we can still have the chance to get a full refund for this product.

There are seven workouts found in this program mostly performed in between thirty to forty five minutes long. All of the workouts includes warm up, stretching and many others that will serve as cool and healthy results at the end. One of the features which make this program different is that we can have the ability to adjust the volume of the workout.

We can decrease or increase it based on our own interest. We can also have the option to do all the workout exercises in different ways depending on the level of fitness we have, desired end result we wanted and intensity level we opt to reach. Regardless of what route you wanted to keep track, I am pretty sure that you will definitely want to start getting in touch with this program.

Three Different Types of Les Mills Combat Schedule

There are actually three different types of Les Mills’s combat schedule that we need to be familiar with. All of these schedules are primarily designed to allow us to obtain the best shape of our body but it targets different fitness levels that we want to emphasize. Here are the three Les Mills combat schedule that is best for our body and these are as follows:

  1. Combat Warrior

This can immediately form up our muscles by means of emphasizing the increase of the workout intensity, cardio fitness and endurance of our body day by day.

  1. Supreme Warrior

In this schedule, we can begin to burn excessive calories in our body and build lean mass of muscle. This manifests for supreme and intense workouts.

  1. Ultimate Warrior Hybrid

This is the hardest and the most intense Les Mills combat. In this schedule, we can kill calories, burn away huge amount of fats and be totally ripped.


Following the appropriate Les Mills combat schedule is already an assurance for us that we can live a healthy life free from too much calories and fats in our body. This workout program also paves the way for energized and highly performing body free from unhealthy concerns. So, you spare time to perform this workout exercise today!

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