Mark Wahlberg Workout Review

Are you familiar with Mark Wahlberg? He is one of the most-sought after actor who has played various roles as a boxer, bodybuilder and detective of the movie “Pain and Gain”. The role suits him perfectly. This is because he is the type of person who adores lifting heavy weights. He trained with hardcore dedication and unmatched identity. He also tried an extreme training that no one has ever tried.

His routine is designed for 5 days routine. But, the actor highlighted that “Super Set Routine” is the best workout you can try out. This is if you desire to increase your muscle rapidly. He ate and lifted as well. In fact, he stated that he almost ate 11 to 12 times daily juts to gain 40lbs of muscles. Majority of conducted workout is based on “lifting” heavy weights with 8 to 12 reps each of the 4 sets.

Daily Workout Routine

  1. Monday (Abs, Arms and Chest): As mentioned above, the actor performed a “Super Set Routine”. He did his chest and arm workout simultaneously before focusing on abs workout. Then, he typically starts with arms and chest workout during the morning. Then, he continues with his workout that focuses on his abs on the afternoon.

For his Monday workout, it includes Dumbbell chest fly’s, Seated shoulder military press, Skull crushers, Decline bench press,  Parallel bar dip, Overhead triceps extensions, Incline bench press, Side-shoulder raises, Front shoulder raises, Flat bench press, shoulder press, Alternate-standing, Foam roller, Cable triceps press downs, Hip-ups, Bicycle crunches, side crunches and Curl ups.

  1. Tuesday (Biceps, Back and Legs): He starts with his legs and back during the morning. And then, he continues with leg by afternoon with some cardio. Tuesday exercise includes Front squats, Walking lunges, Leg press, Barbell deadlift, Pull-ups, Lat pull-downs, Jump squats, Split squats,  Calf raises, Alternating leg curls, Dumbbell roles, Lat pull-downs, Foam rollers,  Seated pulley rows, Dumbbell bicep curls, Preacher curl, Ez bar curl, Barbell bicep curls, and Seated bicep curl.
  2. Wednesday (OFF/REST)
  3. Thursday (“Full Body Workout”): This is performed with circuit training. Then, he randomly picks his workout routine from 2-3 workout days to establish a unit workout routine. This can be done by simply choosing 1-2 exercise from every muscle area. This needs to be completed with four sets circuit.
  4. Friday: During Friday, the actor returns to his “Monday Workout” and repeats everything during Monday. But now, this has its mixture of several exercises replacing the abs with the biceps. This includes Dumbbell chest fly’s, Skull crushers, Decline bench press, Parallel bar dips, Seated-shoulder military press, Flat bench press, Overhead triceps extensions, Incline bench press, Side shoulder raises, Front shoulder raises, Alternate standing shoulder press, Cable triceps press-downs, Dumbbell roles, Seated pulley rows, Foam rollers, Dumbbell bicep curls and Ez bar curl, Preacher curl, Preacher curl and Barbell bicep curls.
  5. Sunday: The actor performs “Tuesday Workout” while he replaces his abs and biceps. He performs all exercises that concern his abs before he moves to his back and legs.

If you are planning to perform similar routine like I did, you have to sort out diet; you can also eat 10-12 meals daily. But, make certain you know how to clean that diet and just stick with the routine.

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