Worst Exercise for People Over 40

Are you 40+? Try avoiding these exercises!!!

Everyone wants to live a fit and a healthy life. It is a good thought or a desire, but how many of you actually live such a life? While you are being inspired by movies like “Rocky” and hitting the gym, you also need to think that at the age of 40 or 40+, everything is changing for you. From your kid’s behaviour (if you got one or more) to your physique! So you certainly need to pay some attention.

Doing things is actually bad because doing things the correct way is good. So here we are discussing some exercises which you should avoid if you are 40+. So have a look at it.

  • Beware of the “Leg Press”

With age, the parts of your body which get affected the most are knees/legs. They have carried your weight all your life and are still going to do that. Leg Press has proved to be terrible for knees and lower back if done regularly or over limit. While you leg press, there is tremendous pressure on your knees which is not recommended with growing age.

  • Avoid “Hovering Leg Lifts”

While you just lie down on your back and lift your legs, it has always turned about to be effective and enjoying. But this exercise is recommended for young people. The reason is that there are chances of you pulling a back muscle and this could certainly do a lot of harm. It also takes a lot of time to recover from such injuries. Your body now is more sensitive to such issues now.

  • “Abs” might not be your cup of tea!

While Abs, as well as you, believe in the concept of “no pain no gain”, it might turn out to be “more pain no gain”. Most of the people believe that Abs exercises help in burning the belly fat which actually is not true. It helps in body toning and strengthening muscles. Heavy Abs exercises like crunches and sit-ups could cause spinal fractures which at this age is quite painful.

  • “Cardio” in the incorrect way

Cardio is the oldest and the most effective way of losing body fat. This is true, till you are young. While you can still do simple Cardio exercises within your limits, doing excessive Cardio could prove harmful and in some cases, have proved to be fatal as well. Pushing yourself in Cardio exercises could increase your stress hormone level. The name of this hormone is “Cortisol”. This will lead to increase in belly fat. So you should know your limits and exercise accordingly.

  • The magic of “Yoga” might not work

This might be shocking for you to know that Yoga could also be harmful to you. How? Some postures of Yoga need a high level of flexibility, years of experience and an expert supervisor/tutor. While Vedic Yoga has guidelines for different Yoga postures at the different stages of age, it depends on you as well as your tutor to implement it accordingly. So Yoga should be continued, but not all the postures.

  • Don’t be a “Squat” machine

Most of us love doing Squats, it is easy, amazing, effective and fills you up with positive energy. But Squats could prove to be harmful if you do them with weights or for an extended time. It would lead to injuries like strains, tearing of muscles and pulling of muscles. All these injuries are such that they would lead you to the hospital and for a bed rest.

  • Don’t touch your Toe

Standing Toe touches is something which we have been doing since childhood. This is among the most common exercises taught in our school. But doing this exercise post 40 could cause back injuries. This is because, with age, the joints weaken and are prone to fractures. If ever you are in love with this exercise and need to do it, warm up quite well.

  • Don’t lift it

After the age of 40, our muscles slowly start losing the capacity of enduring too much stress. While you always must be excited about lifting more weight, this might prove to be painful for you. Not just painful, it could lead you to the hospital. There have been hundreds of cases where people above 40 had to be hospitalized just because of over weight lifting.

  • Trunk Twisting

Women love this exercise because it helps them shape up. Other than this, the exercise is pretty simple and effective. But this exercise could also add up stress on your neck and back. This especially happens when one tries to stretch more. Even the rotation motion which is required for this exercise could lead you to injuries. If you still want to do this exercise, warm up quite well before doing it.

      (10) Behind the Neck and Shoulder exercises

Exercises like behind the neck and shoulder press could lead you to severe injuries. You can’t simply afford such injuries at this age. Alternatives like rotating and stretching shoulders, moving them while walking/jogging are always there. So try these alternatives rather than taking up risk.

While the article till now has focused on “what not to do”, there are a lot of alternatives for all the above exercises. Not only are these alternatives easy, but are also effective. There is no such age where you can’t be fit and healthy. Everything is possible at any age. But this doesn’t mean that you could do anything which is simply not meant for you!!! So here are some alternatives for the above exercises:

  • Yoga (Basic Yoga techniques and methods meant for old age)
  • Walking (One of the best ways of being in shape and fit)
  • Sports (Playing sports like Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Water sports, etc.)
  • Tai Chi
  • Aerobics
  • Simple Gym Exercises like Kettle ball Squats, Less Weight Dumble Exercises, Push ups, etc.

Life is all about living happy and healthy. So why not live it the correct way? Follow these simple tips because nobody likes to visit the hospitals right? Stay fit, stay healthy and stay smiling!!!

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